Jackson Public Library

The Architects were hired by the Jackson Public Library to refine a program and develop a new building to be located on the Gray’s Inn property, the same site where the Town Offices and Police Department are located. While finalizing the schematic design, the Town was engaged in building a new community center next to the school, which meant the historic Trickey Barn needed to go. The Historic Association managed to save the barn and have it dismantled and numbered and stored with the hopes of finding a viable and appropriate use. The Library and the Historic Association came together to raise money to erect the barn for use as the library. The Architects helped site the building on the Gray’s Inn property and worked with the Community in developing the contract documents to provide a high performance envelope, energy efficient lighting, and geothermal HVAC system. The two level building is fully accessible and retains the visual interest of the exposed barn frame in the reconstruction. The building was dedicated in the Spring of 2011.