The Architects developed a layout for Dyn. Inc. in 23,000sf of first floor mill space at 150 Dow Street in Manchester NH’s Historic Millyard. This rapidly growing company needed to provide space for growth up to 125 seats in an open collaborative environment with several disciplines. Conference rooms provide for privacy and small group interaction, as well as several informal lounges to encourage interdisciplinary interaction. The space is also designed to accommodate special events of various sizes. Borrowed lights, partitions of varied height, direct/indirect lighting and choice of materials, colors and patterns contribute to the open and oneness of the firm. This phase was completed in June 2011.

The completion of the fit-up of an additional 27,000sf of office space was completed in May of 2013. The additional space is on a lower level contiguous to their headquarters at 150 Dow Street. The new space is designed to integrate the two floors by creating a large floor opening with monumental stair and intermediate meeting platform. Within the open space is a two story transparent box of one conference room over another. The space continues the theme of collaborative portfoliotations, transparent private flex rooms, and integrated lounge and recreation space of the original headquarter’s space.

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