Bank of New Hampshire Stage

Initiated by the Duprey Companies, the renovation and transformation of the beloved Concord Theater on Main Street in Concord, NH was a successful partnership between the Capital Center for the Arts and Dennis Mires PA The Architects. The goal was two fold:  first, bring the 140-year-old building into the 21st century while preserving its striking and cherished historic elements; second, provide a state-of-the-art live performance stage with an easily reconfigurable house, welcoming pre and post-show spaces and ease of access.

The construction presented its own challenges, primarily handling the structure in a century-old building but the result bears witness to the craftsmanship and expertise of Milestone Engineering & Construction, Inc., and their team. Since the opening in June 2019, the Bank of NH Stage programming has been as eclectic as the venue is flexible.  The community and the touring artists have received it with exceptional reviews